Elevation is at the foundation of everything we do, from the ambiance, to the taste, to the state of mind.

At the heart of each of our cocktails is our signature crystal clear ice. Chipped and carved in front of you, we mold each piece to every cocktail’s specific glass.

We take a particular pride in our tools and equipment, bringing with us a variety of rare and beautiful accoutrements. Our bars are comprised of unique pieces carefully selected from our partner vendors, or hand crafted ourselves.

Not unlike setting the stage for a play, the equipment we bring is integral in creating the perfect setting. Our set is made of copper, wood, leather, and crystal; the bar devoid of even a speck of plastic. The result is something classic yet cutting-edge, decadent yet seemingly unaffected. Crafting each ingredient from scratch — the syrups, the sodas, the ice, the juices, we take every step to ensure not only that your cocktails are tailored and tasty, but also beautiful in their presentation. With our fully portable custom bars and tools, we bring a luxury cocktail bar to the intimacy of your home or venue.

Every home, person, and vision for an event is different. It is our mission to create experiences that are unique and exclusive to each gathering.