Day 1 Leadership Seminar

The first day we invite owners and management to learn everything you need to know about the trends in your area. We will be looking closely at what your clients are drinking and what they are looking for in 2019.


  1. Exciting Times

  2. What’s Trending

  3. Mixology Basics

  4. Cocktail Menu Performance

  5. This is Catering

Day 2 Staff Training

Even our best and most dependable bartenders may be only entry level in terms of their skill behind the bar. On day 2 we will be taking a hands on approach to training these individuals in the modern techniques of bartending. The Cup Bearer’s award winning team of mixologists will demonstrate proper technique and then students will be given several hours of practice using real alcohol and ingredients under their guidance.


  1. Practical training

  2. Recipe Review

  3. Batching Techniques

  4. Working Flair

  5. Garnishing

  6. Economy of motion

Day 1

Day 2

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