Cocktail Menu Performance

Section 4

A rotating seasonal cocktail menu is an amazing sales tool, in this section you will learn formulas around which you can build your own incredible menus. We will dissect The Cup Bearer’s own seasonal menu and go over the logic behind why each drink was chosen.


• What types of cocktails make sense for cocktail catering and those that don’t (What is and isn’t important in a signature cocktail)

• How to include the right kind of variety in your menu

• How to use your cocktail menu during negotiations the same way you would use your food menu

• Crowd pleasers and the illusion of mixology - cocktails that look and sound exotic but are still approachable to a large groups

• Flair Points - why wow factor is important for each cocktail

• Ice – what types are available to you and how you can use them to create more delicious and visually impactful cocktail service at events

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