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Section 5

As caterers we face many unique challenges that a traditional brick and mortar bar does not. Absence of running water, time-restrictions, space and location variations, storage restrictions, and transient staff. While these are indeed severe challenges and in the past have restricted us from providing the type of service our clients enjoy as guests at the favorite local bars, The Cup Bearer has identified various techniques and methods for navigating around these issues and turning these restrictions into a creative advantage. We will be discussing these techniques in depth in this portion.


• Tips for garnishing cocktails at volume and keeping ingredients fresh longer

• What you can and can’t batch and how to do so without compromising the integrity of the cocktail

• Cheater Bottles - how to fit a full bar in a single milk crate

• Provide Mixology service for 200 guests without running

• Overview of ingredients that can create WOW factor

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