Staff Training

Day 2


• Economy of motion and workspace efficiency
• Propper shaking techniques
• Double shaking
• Stirring
• Working with different types of ice
• How to smoke a glass
• Garnishing
• Minimize waste / keep ingredients fresh longer
• Batching techniques
• Review of basic cocktails recipes: Manhattan, Martini, Old Fashioned, Margarita, Negroni, Whiskey Sour etc.


The object of this lesson isn’t to make overnight mixologists out of these bartenders but rather to give them a basic understanding of modern bartending principles, reinforce existing knowledge, and remove any outdated practices from their repertoire. In doing this we will instill in them the confidence and excitement required for you to execute your elevated bar program.

Students will also be given additional resource material in order continue their training outside the classroom.

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Day 2

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